Comparing Monthly Subscription Boxes

Bootay Bag

For the past year or so, monthly subscription boxes have been all the rage! The concept of getting new products each month is really exciting and most of them come at a great price. I have tried quite a few monthly subscription boxes and want to share my experiences and opinions with you!


bootay Bag Monthly Subscription Boxes

This service is pretty dang cool. For just $12.00 they will send you two pair of really cute and comfortable undies each month! Girls, you know you have to replace your underwear sometimes so why not get them delivered straight to your door at a reasonable price? Also, if you post a picture with your undies BootayBag will donate a dollar to the melenoma foundation.


Adore Me- Monthly Subscription Boxes

This company carries a huge range of lingerie and pajamas. If I remember correctly it was $25.00 a month for the basic items but you can buy more if you want. What’s cool about AdoreMe is that you pick what you want. The brand is a big promoter of loving your body which I think is great and they are starting to get into active wear!


Plated - Monthly Subscription Boxes

I LOVE Plated and definitely recommend it!! Really, all of the food delivery services are great but I chose Plated because they allow you to order just two meals per week. I live alone so, when I’m sent two meals (that are portioned for two people)  I have four meals for that week! It’s really fun to learn how to cook new things and try foods that I would never buy on my own! Also, it is nice to have everything portioned out so there is no waste!

Bark Box

Bark Box - Monthly Subscription Boxes

Speaking on behalf of my puppy, Isabella, Bark Box is the best subscription ever!! MY little girl adores the toys they send and the treats are always really unique. It’s so fun for her to get new toys each month and I enjoy being able to replace some of the old worn out ones!


RocksBox - Monthly Subscription Boxes

For $21.00 each month you can receive a specially curated box with 3 designer jewelry pieces! Wear them as much as you want and then either buy them or send them back at the end of the month! The jewelry they send is soooo beautiful and from my experience they really listen to your feedback and send you pieces you’ll love.

Shoe Dazzle

Shoe Dazzle - Monthly Subscription Boxes

The idea behind this one is really great. Basically, each month for $39.95 you can get a new pair of cute shoes to keep. The concept is really exciting but I had a terrible experience with the quality of the shoes. The “leather” felt cheap and the heel of the boot fell off after a few wears!  I think it would be wiser to save your money.  Maybe every other month buy a nicer pair of shoes from somewhere like Steve Madden!

Other monthly subscription boxes that I would like to try are Birchbox, DateBox, Fabletics, Fab Fit Fun, NatureBox, and Graze! I would love to hear about your experiences with subscriptions! Comment below and let me know 🙂



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An All Black Outfit For Spring

I am a true lover of any all black outfit. Last year my boyfriend actually thought I was depressed because I was wearing it so often….LOL!! However, with spring coming around the corner, it’s time to update your all black style! The key for spring? Play with texture and add some light accessories.

For this outfit I wore my favorite black skinny jeans. These are seriously the best jeans I’ve ever worn! They have lots of stretch but don’t get loose through the day, have the perfect hip height, and the ankles don’t bunch up like most skinnies do! Then, I wore one of my favorite black tops that has adorable tulle ruffles on it! I bought this one in Paris by the brand Claudie Pierlot but, you can buy a similar one here. Next, I threw on this (faux)leather jacket that adds a little bit of shine to the outfit.

For accessories, I chose black booties because they add the perfect amount of chicness to any outfit.  I wore my Jet Set Candy charm necklace because it’s dainty and the two tones add a little shine and color to the all black ensemble. Finally, the handbag!! I can’t say enough how much I love this Dagne Dover bucket bag. It has a panel in the middle with lots of pockets for keeping it organized and the construction is very high quality. It’s also a great shade of grey that literally goes with everything!

When putting together your all black outfit this spring, remember to keep it light weight and add some textures. Keep your accessories simple and meaningful. Most importantly, rock your chic outfit like you are the queen of the world.



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Spring Fashion That Will Turn Heads


I have always loved spring fashion! The colors are light and the silhouettes are very feminine. When I look at spring fashion my heart always beats a little faster. So, I tried my best to narrow down my long list into the top 10 styles for this spring.

As far as trends go, we are seeing a ton of embroidery. I love the pattern on this white dress because it has a very organic feel to it on a classic silhouette. I also love these loafers because they have a pattern similar to what embroidery could look like. This season we will also be seeing lots of textures and ruffles. This lace skirt is great because of the texture and happy color which makes it a statement. The white dress goes one step further and includes a second trend, ruffles. I’m kind of obsessed with ruffles so this skirt and this cold shoulder sweater were no brainers.

Now for the classics, I am always into pink and think these sneakers were a great interpretation of last years white sneaker craze. I chose these pink sandals because the color is a little brighter. They will look great against a tan and the heel is low enough to be super comfortable all day. I added a graphic tee to the selection because I think they are so fun in the spring. You can dress them up with a skirt or wear them with jeans and sneakers for running around town. I also picked out these aviator sunglasses because they have a classic shape but, the reflective lenses give them an updated style!

Leave a comment below or head over to my Instagram so I can hear about your spring fashion wish list!



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How To Transition Your Style From Winter To Spring

Transition Style From Winter To Spring

Warmer weather is quickly approaching and it’s time to transition your style from winter to spring. For me, this is a very exciting part of the year! I love the lighter colors of spring and summer but struggle to leave the blacks and grays of winter in the past. I recently had a friend reach out to me saying she needed help with her transitional wardrobe. So, I told her to have no fear….and now this post is being made!

Winter to Spring Transition 4

Winter to Spring Transition 2

Winter to Spring Transition 7

Winter to Spring Transition 3

Winter to Spring Transition 8

An example of a transition outfit for me is something that mixes styles. In the outfit featured in this post I have mixed a very feminine skirt with a very edgy jacket and purse. This idea of mixing two styles is just like the mixing of two seasons; winter and spring. This skirt is beautiful on its own but mixing it with the leather jacket gives it a new life. Something less easter and more cool girl spending her weekend on fifth ave. I also continued this idea into the accessories. I went with pearls because they are the epitome of femininity but chose a very edgy handbag with chunkier metals. My boots are great because they have a feminine silhouette but the black leather and embossed alligator texture add a bit of edge.

For this outfit, I also took into consideration color. Black is what has been filling my wardrobe all winter. However, as we approach spring I want to start adding in more color. Blush pink is the perfect way to do this…not to mention it’s my favorite color! Blush pink has been on trend long enough that it has nearly become a neutral. So, it won’t be difficult to find in stores and it gives any outfit femininity without being uber girly.

 My top 5  transitional style tips:

  1. Buy a few key pieces that will add color to your wardrobe. I suggest a light color suede/leather jacket or a bomber jacket, a light medium length skirt, white pants, light wash denim with fraying at the bottom, and a nice blouse in a pale color.You could also pick up a few accessories like great sandals, boots, and sunglasses.
  2. Layer, layer, layer!! Girlfriend, I know you want to put your summer clothes on and call it a day but lets be real, it’s still too close to freezing for that. Wear a skirt but put a sweater and cute jacket with it! Another classic look would be your favorite pair of skinny jeans with a white t-shirt tucked in the front, an oversized blazer, and a great pair of colored sandals.
  3. Pay attention to color. In the spring color is your friend but you don’t want to say au revoir to the winter hues just yet. Incorporate color through accessories and keep the colors in the pale family. Think mauve as opposed to magenta.
  4. Don’t be afraid to get a little trendy. Trends are always really big in the spring and this year you probably have a lot of them already in your closet. Anything with embroidery, stripes, patchwork, multiple textures like lace, animal elements, and even sequins is what I have been seeing in the major department stores.
  5. Wear what makes you happy. Transition periods are great because there aren’t any preconceived notions of how people are supposed to dress. Style should be personal and reflect who you are. As we leave winter and enter spring let your clothing choices tell your story!

Shop The Post:



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What’s In My Mini Bag – How I Pack My Prada Mini Bag

How to Organize Prada

If you are a handbag fanatic like me, then you know that the mini bag trend has become a handbag staple over the last two years. Every major designer has come out with a mini bag and a lot of people are asking, “They are adorable but what can you actually put in it!?” Surprisingly, you can fit a lot. You just have to know how to organize it.

Prada Mini Handbag

My mini bag is by Prada and was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend (Amazing gift right!?!?). I love this mini bag because it has two zipped pockets and the main compartment is open. It also has a detachable cross body strap which we all know makes any bag a winner.

My must have items are: A wallet, car key fob, lip gloss, lipstick, chapstick, a pen, a few sticks of gum, bandaids, headphones, a pressed powder, and my phone.

How to Organize Mini Bag

I like to keep all of the beauty items together in one of the zipped pockets so they don’t fall out.  Although, depending on the powder I bring I have to put it in the open center section because of size. Also, I like to use a lipgloss that doubles as a blush like this YSL one! Then, I put the headphones, key fob, bandaids, gum, and pen in the second zipped pocket! For my wallet, I want it to be easily accessible in the open part but, don’t want someone to steal it. My solution? Use a card pouch that clips into your bag! I use a Louis Vuitton one that I absolutely love. Clip the wallet onto one of the bag loops and the phone just sits loose in the bag. Let’s be real though….it’s usually in my hand!

Wallet Clipped to Mini Bag

Having a mini bag is an essential in my opinion. They fit everything you need and don’t weigh you down throughout the day!

Shop the post:



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Why You Should Study Abroad

Why You Should Study Abroad

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

I remember being in middle school and hearing about people studying all around the world and thinking they were the luckiest people. I always knew that it was something I was going to do – something I needed to do. To me, studying abroad is a chance to fully immerse yourself in a culture and learn from it. Learn about the world and learn about yourself. This idea of understanding cultures around the world is what I refer to as being a global citizen…and I want to be one.

This past year I studied in Germany for two weeks, Paris for a month, and Florence for four months. I am currently in New York City for four months and this summer will be in Australia for two weeks and Israel for three. As you can see, I’ve been busy and I love it. In my year abroad I have learned why studying abroad is such an integral part of life and education. If the idea of country hoping every weekend isn’t enough to make you interested here is my list of why you should sign up for your study visa:

It isn’t as scary as you think:

For the person who has never been on the plane to the one who has seen every continent twice, there is a beautiful experience waiting for you. Being away from home for four months can be scary at first. However, with technology it’s as if you aren’t even gone sometimes. I was already an experienced traveler but there were plenty of girls who had never left the country and guess what? We all survived and THRIVED!

You will learn incredible things about yourself:

Studying abroad teaches you how strong you are. You will go through situations that test your limits and you will learn to overcome them. One weekend I was supposed to go to Poland with a tour group and the tour was canceled. I, however, still had my plane ticket. So, that night I booked a hotel, planned activities, and the next day went to Poland alone. It was one of the greatest weekends I had while abroad because I proved to myself that I could be adaptable and brave. You will also go through small situations that bother you. For me, this was the fact that Italians move so slow. I am very fast paced but in order to fit in with the culture I learned how to slow down and enjoy each second of life. This is something I grew to love and now I really appreciate being able to sit back, relax, and enjoy new moments.

You can explore the world:

While in Florence, I was able to travel to Poland, Croatia, Switzerland, France, England, Scotland, Ireland,Czech Republic, and all around Italy. It is so easy to travel around Europe and there are actually travel companies who set up group tours just for students! I used a travel company a few times and I have mixed reviews. Personally, I really hated hostels so when I planned trips alone and stayed in a hotel it was really nice. However, sometimes it was nice to be with the group because they arranged tours and transportation. If you are planning trips alone I really recommend using Viator to find activities because they arrange a ton!!

It benefits your education:

The experiences I had studying abroad may have been the most important part of my education this far. Being a fashion student, I was able to go to multiple factories and even to the company that does the embroidery for Chanel. I also was able to go to Premiere Vision which is the world’s largest textile trade show. While in Paris, I dressed models for Haute Couture Fashion Week and attended workshops to learn about dyeing silk. On top of those experiences, I also went to tons of world famous museums and saw incredible works of art in person. Another cool part about studying abroad is the actual education. Experiencing how teaching is done in different countries is really cool. In Paris my instructors were very ambiguous when giving assignments and in Florence the instructors couldn’t believe how quiet we were! Learning about your field in different countries is beneficial because it gives you a very well rounded education. I definitely know more about Fashion now than I would have if I had not studied abroad.

You will make some of the best memories of your life:

One of my favorite memories is from when I was in Split, Croatia. After spending the day at the beach, I decided to wander around the old Diocletian Palace. I ended up stumbling upon a wedding celebration and was able to join in with the party. Then I went to have dinner and returned to the old town square later at night. There was an acoustic singer performing and people were sitting around the square watching couples dance. As a sat and watched the crowd I had the most surreal feeling of happiness and content. It was so amazing to me that I had just wandered into this beautiful evening. I thought that the loving and joyful culture was incredible.

I could truly go on and on for days about my experiences but I will spare you that and say that I highly recommend everyone to study abroad. If you aren’t able to study abroad take a trip. Go somewhere random, off the beaten path. Explore and take chances. Do things that might be scary in the moment like paragliding in the Swiss Alps. I guarantee you will not regret it.




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Be Your Own Valentine

Valentines day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I think the idea of having a whole day to celebrate love is incredibly special. We celebrate love between our families, significant others, and friends. However, I’ve never seen a valentines card addressed from yourself, to yourself. Sometimes we forget how valuable loving ourselves is and what better day to practice self-love than Valentines day?

Since Valentine’s day is a Tuesday this year I know most of us will have to work or go to school. So, how about starting your self-love with a fabulous outfit?


My perfect outfit is one that embodies everything I am about. The outfit would be something refined yet, uber, feminine. To create this look I started off with a blush pink ruffled blouse from BCBG Maxazria and paired it was a black skirt with brushed gold buttons I bought at express last year. Then, I slipped on my favorite over the knee boots I bought whilst in Italy. I get so many questions about where these boots are so I will try to link similar ones below! Next, since this is a Valentines Day look, of course I had to wear my pink coat! My mom purchased this coat for me for Hanukkah and I cannot get enough! Finally, I grabbed one of my absolute favorite handbags, the Gucci Dionysus in the pink blooms! This bag was my 20th birthday present and I don’t think I’ll ever stop being in love with it…(I have a wallet and phone case in the same print – can you say obsessed?).

Shop this outfit here:

Similar Top, Similar Skirt, Similar Boots Luxury Option, Similar Boots Affordable Option, Similar Coat, Gucci Handbag

After you finish your daily tasks, it’s time to get on with your special day. Think about what makes you the happiest and plan a wonderful evening around it. Do you love nice meals or baking? Whip up a batch of some scrumptious red velvet cupcakes and add some heart sprinkles! Love reading? Dive in to that novel you have been setting aside all week. Love movies? pop some popcorn, get your jammies on, and enjoy!

Personally, my perfect evening would go something like this…

After I get home I’ll head out to a yoga class. Lately, I have been loving aerial yoga! It’s nice to challenge my body in a really supportive and fun setting. When I’m all done I’ll go home and run a nice, bubbly bath. While in the bath I’ll listen to some soft acoustic music and treat myself to a face mask and maybe a chocolate or two 😉 After my bath I’ll prepare a cup of my favorite tea and maybe do a bit of online shopping…(treat your self right?). A nice relaxing evening is something that always makes me feel safe and loved. Another reason I love this kind of evening is because it gives me ample time to think about my goals and memories and truly count my blessings.

Whether you are celebrating this Valentines day alone or not, take a little time out of the day to do something special just for yourself. I like to remember that we are only able to accept the love we think we deserve and also that you are the only person you need to be good enough for.

Happy Valentines Day!



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Where Have I Been?

Hey you! Long time no see 😉

So, I don’t know if it’s the New York City air, or the fact that I have thousands of travel photos begging to be seen….but, I have decided to start blogging again. I thought for the first post back I should probably catch you all up with where I am in life and what I’ve been doing the past several months!

For those of you who don’t know much about me I am a fashion merchandising student at Kent State University. Since last June I have had the opportunity to study abroad throughout Germany and in Paris, Florence, and now, New York City.  If I used one word to explain the last year it would be: whirlwind! From city hoping around Europe, to hailing a cab in Manhattan I have done it all! In the upcoming months I plan to write about my study abroad experience and create weekend travel itineraries for some of my favorite places.While in NYC, I am interning for Haskell Jewels a major jewelry wholesaler, going to school at the KSU studio, and soaking up every bit of fun the city has to offer.

A roundup of my current favorites:

-Aerial Yoga… GO you will not regret it!!

-Camel colored coats and black booties.

-A very weird one for me but…. waking up early and relaxing a bit in the morning before starting the day.

-IT cosmetics…I love every product I’ve tried and they don’t test on animals…double thumbs up!

-The Louis Vuitton Rose Des Vents perfume. (The best I’ve ever smelled but so expensive so I got a free sample!)

-Teavana teas are always a favorite of mine but I am currently loving the winterberry flavor.

-Yorkshire Terrior instagram accounts because I miss my little girls soooo much!!

I am excited to be back to blogging and hope to bring you content that is helpful and interesting! Please let me know if there are any specific topics or questions you would like covered!!

xoxo, Kels

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The Long Distance Relationship


This past summer I studied abroad in Germany and Paris for six weeks and this current semester I am studying abroad in Italy. I also will be studying in NYC for the spring semester. So, this adds up to about a year of a long distance relationship. I know from experience that the whole long distance thing can be daunting so, I wanted to put together a little guide to help other couples in my same position.

So, a little bit about my relationship: Before going long distance we had been dating close to two years. In that time the longest we had been apart was for two weeks a few times. Our normal date schedule was that we were together 3 days a week. Also, he was in the Marine Corps and has previous experience being in a long distance relationship from when he was overseas.

My list of tips to survive…

  1. Most importantly make sure you have a good amount of trust in your relationship. Any doubts you have towards one another will be multiplied by the distance between you. So, it’s important that you dedicate some time to building up your trust for each other before parting ways.
  2. Whether you are the one leaving or your significant other, the person who is leaving needs to be supported. Whenever I had doubts about leaving home for close to a year my boyfriend was right there telling me I had to do it. Because of that encouragement and support I was never felt bad for leaving him.
  3. Work out some form of schedule for communication. I know this should seem obvious but, when you are away and busy sometimes you can forget to make time for loved ones back home.
  4. Don’t be discouraged by others. I cannot tell you how many times people questioned if I was going to breakup with my boyfriend before leaving. The thought of that was absolutely preposterous to me because I might have been leaving the country but that didn’t mean I needed to leave my love too. I think people associate a young girl in a serious relationship as a bad thing at times and this just isn’t fair. I was always aware that I would change with this experience but it never crossed my mind that I had to breakup with my boyfriend to allow that change to happen.
  5. A fun way to surprise one another is to deliver little gifts. If you are abroad you might want to look into ordering something online and having it delivered to you SO’s house instead of dealing with the post office…here in Italy mailing packages takes forever!!
  6. Look in to different apps that are designed for long distance relationships. Personally, I haven’t used any so I can’t give an opinion but, if that’s your thing go for it!
  7. Remember that this isn’t the end of the world. The time might seem long but, it’s only time and it doesn’t need to affect the love between you and your partner.

While a long distance relationship can seem scary at times, it doesn’t have to be. Just think about how lucky you are to be in a relationship that is worth working just a little bit harder for. Good luck in your relationships and please let me know if you have any tips I have forgotten!

xoxo, Kels


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Top 10 Luxury Items

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.58.35 AM

During Fashion week…which is more like a month…. I always find myself lusting over luxury items. I know I can’t be alone in this so I thought I would put together a list of my favorite items so you can obsess over them with me.

Items I own

  1. Gucci Dionysus Handbag: This handbag was a gift from my parents on my 20th birthday. It is a stunning bag and one that will be recognized by any fashion lover. Along with its beauty, this bag is also very durable making it great for every day use. I cannot obsess over this beauty enough!!
  2. Louis Vuitton Belt: After wanting this belt for months I was finally able to get it as another gift from my parents. I wear this belt just about every time I wear denim. It adds the perfect little statement to any outfit. I love wearing it with black denim with a casual knit top tucked in just behind the monogram.
  3. Hermes Clic Clac: I bought myself a clic clic for my birthday and it was one of the most exciting purchases I’ve made. I bought the light pink with gold and wear it almost daily. It is very dainty but adds the tiniest bit of color into my outfits.
  4. Prada Wallet: I was given a Prada wallet this year and I have to say the quality is remarkable. Mine is bright pink which I love because it is beautiful in any handbag. The leather on it holds up very well and after 6 months of heavy use it still looks brand new!
  5. YSL lipstick: No, this isn’t an expensive luxury purchase. However, you will feel like a million bucks when you pull this baby out of your purse. The packaging is gorgeous and the lipstick formula is even better.

Items On My Wishlist

  1. Chanel Boy Bag: I specifically want the black new medium with silver hardware in caviar leather but, I would gladly take any! I honestly believe I will ball my eyes out in excitement the day I get a Chanel.
  2. Chloe Susanna Boots: These are a staple in a fashionistas wardrobe. They come in silver and gold. I think the silver gives off an edgy vibe and the gold give off a pretty vibe….either are a yes please in my book!
  3. Burberry Trench: In the world of coats Burberry remains the all star. A trench coat is a beautiful way to tie together any outfit and a Burberry one just makes the outfit that much more special.
  4. Burberry Classic Check Scarf: The Burberry scarves are timeless. I especially love this color way that includes black and cream instead of tan. I think it still resembles the classic pattern but you would be able to math it with may more outfits.
  5. Dior Sunglasses: Dior has been putting out season after season of fabulous sunglasses and these ones seem to be the tried and true.

I hope this list has inspired you to put together your own wish list of fabulous items!




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